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 1.Do you like word games for a party? Then you've got to play this game of Smarty. If you are a geography nut, this game will move you out of your rut. Are you a whiz at history? Then you'll play this game with glee. Do you love  astronomy? The science part  is made for thee. If those subjects are not on your path, then on your turn you opt for math. We know this game is especially fun, because it's really five games in one!
  SMARTY is a word game that also has geography, history, science and math variations in the rules. (See Smarty below.)
2. Want to mystify your pals? This trick works with both guys and gals. They should think of a certain number, no matter if they're smart or somewhat dumber. The number they pick must obviously be  on  cards with one to sixty. They look at six cards and see numbers of all kinds. When you guess it, it will boggle their minds. (See MIND BOGGLERS below.)
3. Have a young friend who's learning to count? It's just another obstacle for  her to mount. We've  found a way to make it  like play. It has numbers instead of words. its called HUNDRED BOARDS. (See Hundred Boards below.)
4. Students like cartoons--that we've heard in reports. To make math real we teach it with sports.
See five MATH PLUS SPORTS books below.
For more info:  You may also email us at the email address below.

Smarty, our new game has arrived!This is a game for age 8-98, copyright 2010  by Dale Harder.

    I love word games such as Scrabble, Boggle, Upwords, Wordplay and Perquackery. They're all wonderful and great fun to play but they have things that could be improved , hence the need for a new game called Smarty. Good for home schooling and passing the SAT.

   Expand your vocabulary and the lengths of the words you use by adding on prefixes like: "counter" (against) as in "counter-terrorism" ;  "extra" (beyond or outside of the usual thing) as in "extraterrestrial (outside of the planet Earth ;   "mega" (very large or many) as in "megatons." e check the dictionary to make sure we spelled them right.

    Smarty is played with six large  dice with letters on them (see the photos). Players take turn rolling the dice, and all players get to use the same dice on the same turn (better than Scrabble). Players do this by copying the letters from the dice onto paper in front of them.

    Two of the dice have nothing but vowels and the other four dice  have only consonants. This avoids one of the problems of Scrabble and Boggle. In Scrabble some players get luckier draws for letters than others; not so in Smarty. Every letter of the alphabet is included here but letters used more frequently in our language appear more often on the dice.

    Scrabble boards are limited to where you can make a play--for example you have to play off of a previous word except for the first turn. Also, towards the end of a Scrabble game you may have great tiles but no place to play them. This is not a problem  in Smarty.

    Boggle's limitations are  that you can only use words where the letter cubes are touching each other and that you can't use the same word as someone else; not so in Smarty.

  What else is really different about Smarty?
1. You have to use at least four or the six letters rolled to make words but you get to add other letters besides those rolled on the dice. You can make words up to 18 letters long.
2. There are also options for geography, history, science and math.
Equipment included:
1. Six polished one-inch dice with letters on them.
2. A convenient carrying bag--for pocket or purse.
3. Directions explaining several versions.
You need to provide:
1. Paper and pencils for each person
2. A timer capable of timing 4 minutes (a watch or clock is okay).
3. A good dictionary or www.dictionary.com .

How to order Smarty (the dice word game):
1. Order from PayPal with the amount payable to daleharderEP@gmail.com. For orders in the USA please send $10.95 + $3.00 for shipping & handling for 1st class mail; for priority mail substitute $5 for s&h.
 For two or more games each game is only $9.95 apiece; s&h is only $1 for each additional game.  Californians please add $1.30 sales tax--we'll pay the rest. Canadian orders add $8 more to s&h above. Other countries add $10 more.
2. Or you can order by sending a money order, cashier's or personal check (up to 2 weeks for the last to clear) to: Education Plus, 18584 Carlwyn Dr, Dept. W, Castro Valley CA 94546-0232.

If you have further questions you can email us at the email address above.
Mind Bogglers
Mind Bogglers is a set of six cards used to guess a number from someone in the audience. This is a great ice-breaker for a party, for a group of teachers entertaining each other, or as an interest-getter. I used this as my opener when giving a speech. Feedback from this critical-thinking game told me that I hit a homerun out of the park.

1. How to play: The person doing the number-guessing asks for someone in the audience to think of a whole number between 1 and 60 and to then tell the rest of the audience or write it on a blackboard that only the audience can see.
2. The guesser then shows the audience each of the six Mind Boggler cards in turn and asks them only to raise their hands when they see the number appear on a card. The number may appear on anywhere from one to all six of the cards. When folks raise their hands they're not to say anything to give the number away to the guesser.
3. After the guesser has shown all six cards to the audience and they in turn have responded he then correctly tells them what the mystery number is. Directions for "guessing" the number is included with the cards.
4. After the guesser has performed this trick three times he may ask the audience if anyone can explain the trick. He may allow the explainer to come forward and try the trick on the audience him/herself.  
5. Good for schools from grade 2 up thru college and beyond.
 To order: send a check, money order or pay by Paypal to daleharderEP@gmail.com . If mailing the check or money order the check should be made out to Education Plus and mailed to Education Plus, 18584 Carlwyn Dr, Dept W, Castro Valley CA 94546-0232. Please send $8.95 plus $2 shipping & handling for 1st class mail. Californians please add 9% sales tax on merchandise including shipping. If you order more than one set just add $1 S&H for each additional set.

  Hundred Boards
Hundred Boards (grades K-3) Use for numeral recognition, number order, patterns in learning place value, addition and subtraction. Heavy plastic-coated 10" squares designed for school use with numbers on one side and black squares on the other. Sets of five including shipping and handling are $8.95. For each additional set of five add $5 more To order:  To order: send a check, money order or pay by Paypal to daleharderEP@gmail.com . If mailing the check or money order the check should be made out to Education Plus and mailed to Education Plus, 18584 Carlwyn Dr, Dept W, Castro Valley CA 94546-0232.

Tutoring: We specialize in reading, writing, speaking, spelling, math, science, home schooling and test-taking skills. Our services are for all ages including adults.   We also have programs available for gifted children.

We can help prepare your child for state testing and the SAT.

Education Plus is a team of highly educated and trained professionals who strive to take education to a higher level .

Our goal is to insure that each student reaches their full potential. We have teachers in Castro Valley and in San Rafael.

Education Plus
18584 Carlwyn Dr.
Castro Valley CA 94546-2032
Email: daleharderEP@gmail.com

More explanation and a demo  
Go to www.youtube.com and search for "1.smarty game " (explanation) or " 2. smarty game" (more explanation) and best of all "3.smarty sample game" after you've watched either or both of the clips above. The sample game is a little slow in the middle--3 minutes of two players writing words--but it adds to a realistic understanding of what the game is like. Enjoy!
Record Smarty  High Scores by Age
Smarty  Highest Word Score
Age    Points  Play                    Name                 
           36             cornfield                       Nicholas Bellison, Castro Valley CA
9            40             co-existing                   Jason Ng, Castro Valley CA
10          72             ultrasophisticated         Dillon Harder, Las Vegas NV
14          168           centralization                Brianna Harder, Las Vegas NV
open     216           microencapsulation      John True, Spokane WA

Smarty Geography Option Highest Word Score
Age    Points  Play                    Name
            58          United States                Dillon Harder, Las Vegas NV 
12           78          Dominican Republic      Brianna Harder, Las Vegas NV
open      204         Dusseldorf, Germany  John Steele, Dallas TX  

Smarty History Option Highest Word Score
Age     Points   Play                     Name
12           60            Thomas Jefferson    Dillon Harder, Las Vegas NV
16         204       industrialization      Bri Harder, Las Vegas NV
open       204         Battle of Jerusalem   Mark Douglas, Ogden UT

Smarty Science Option Highest Word Score
Age    Points    Play                     Name
12       28          triceps                  Dillon Harder, Las Vegas NV
         46          potassium             Brianna Harder, Las Vegas NV

open    204          kinesthesiologist       Abe Warwick, Piedmont CA

Smarty Math Option Highest Word Score
Age    Points  Play                     Name

open    686          test = 7x2x7x7            Dale Harder, Castro Valley CA

Smarty Animal Words - Highest Words
Age   Points  Play                      Name
12      12         zebra                   Dillon Harder, Las Vegas NV
16      48         caterpillars           Bri Harder, Las Vegas NV
45      64         white spotted owl  Greg Harder, Las Vegas NV
75      52         paleoscincus        Thomas Johnson, Phoenix AZ

Smarty Sports Words - Highest Words
12      64        Oakland Athletics  Dillon Harder, Las Vegas NV
open  192      long jump champion Sam Long, Miami FL

Smarty  Highest Round Score (3 words)

Age  Points  Play                    Name 
10          92          ultrasophisticateds (72) + slugs (20) = 92;  Dillon Harder, Las Vegas NV
14          283        centralization (168) + two other wors = 283;  Brianna Harder, Las Vegas NV
16          322        parenthesis (132) + establishments (72) + therapists (120) = 322;   Chris Harder, Las Vegas NV
open     612        superconservative  (216) + microencapsulation (216)   + semioperational (180) = 612;   Charles Thomas, Madison WI

Smarty  Highest Game (5 rounds)
Age  Points  Name 
10        347            Dillon Harder, Las Vegas NV
14        743            Brianna Harder, Las Vegas NV
OP       1565          Josh Brendan, Columbus OH

Math Plus Sports Books
Five different problem-solving books grades5-8: Each book is half problem-solving with sports themes--some very popular sports and some quite quirky like spelunking or boomerang tossing. Many include sports records and often stimulate an interest or further research into some of the unusual events. The other half of each book has computational review. Each problem-solving page has a whimsical cartoon. Answers may be removed from the back of each book  by tearing on the perforations.
Great for home schooling or classroom use.
These books were created by Dale Harder, who was a four-time mentor teacher in Fremont, California, also serving as district math coordinator for grades K-12. He also  served as a Title 1 Math Specialist, a BITSA teacher to help new teachers with fun math ideas and taught an extension math class on how to motivate students in elementary and jr. high. He is the author of over 60 math books for K-9 students including Think Tank, plus the creator of four math games with his best-seller FracJack selling over 10,000 games. He also created Mind Bogglers and Smarty  (see descriptions on this page).
Math Plus Sports A has medium-difficulty whole number word problems that can be solved using addition, subtraction and  multiplication. Problems are mixed up in such a way that there are often two or three operations to be used on the same page. Grade 5 or gifted grade 4. High interest word problems for basic math students in grades 6-9. Includes a pre-test, post-test and answer keys.

Math Plus Sports B has harder whole number word problems with division as well as the three other basic operations. Grade 6. High interest word problems for basic math students in grades 7-9. Includes a pre-test, post-test and answer keys.

Math Plus Sports C uses fractions and is about half word problems with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions with some whole number problems mixed in.  The other half of the book deals with understanding the nature of fractions, lowest terms, comparing fractions, and fraction computation with all four basic operations. Grade 6. High interest word problems for basic math in grades 7-9. Includes a pre-test, post-test and answer keys.

Math Plus Sports D uses decimals and  is half on word problems with decimals and half with reading and writing decimals as well as comparing decimals. Grade 6. High interest word problems for basic math in  grades 7-9.
Includes a pre-test, post-test and answer keys.

Math Plus Sports E uses percentages and is half on word problems using percentages and the other half is about changing fractions and decimals to percents, changing percents to fractions and decimals, and finding the percentage rate and percentage base problems. Grades 7-8. High interest word problems for basic math in grades 9-10. Includes a pre-test, post-test and answer keys.

 To order: send a check, money order or pay by Paypal to daleharderEP@gmail.com . If mailing the check or money order the check should be made out to Education Plus and mailed to Education Plus, 18584 Carlwyn Dr, Dept W, Castro Valley CA 94546-0232. Each Math Plus book is only $4.95 plus $2 shipping & handling. If 5-10 books are ordered then total shipping & handling is only $4. If more than 10 books are ordered then total shipping is only $6.
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